Custom made

Custom made is an invitation for your ideas of objects and projects involving ceramics. It will be a collaborative process, an exchange of thoughts, ideas and inspiration.

Maybe you need specially made porcelain for your home; you’re an architect or a designer looking for the right so piece; or perhaps there is a special event in your life where you need ceramic favors?

With your participation, we choose shapes, materials, colors, motifs or messages. The newborn object I will then fire into being and deliver to you on deadline. You use, enjoy, make gifts for your friends or your own clients.

More ceramics in the world. Happiness all around. Hurray!



Learn to make beautiful things with your hands. It is a very satisfying process. Discover the secrets of ceramics in a fully functional ceramics studio. Learn about the materials, the processes and build your own object from sketch to final product.

The workshops are very practical and you will be literally getting your hands nice and dirty!