DE CERAMICàis a Bucharest based ceramic studio ran by Mãdãlina Teler. In my studio I create fine hand-made ceramics, functional and unique.

Ceramics represent a special world to me. One which is always full of new experiments and surprises. I will be always in its awe!

Ceramics is made through a very interesting and captivating process of transformation. The material has to go through a transition from one state to another, taking on a new form, from dust to liquid to solid. Only after the last firing you can see the finished object, solid, functional, decorative, in colors.

I derive satisfaction from the physical labor of shaping, carrying and burning it. I am soothed and freed by the miniature hand painting and careful detailing. Every object has its own distinct, somewhat irregular shape, texture and decoration. 

Turning mere dust into ceramics takes time, toil and talent. The emerging objects will bring joy and a little enchantment to your cozy living space.